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We are the home of the finest quality corn snakes, sand boas, milk snakes, kingsnakes, western hognoses and rat snakes,specializing in color and pattern mutations, as well as pure locality Rosy Boas. 2011 was an exciting year and we were successful in producing the world's first Sharp Bloody Sunglow, which we fondly named the Fire Opal boa, as well as the second and third Sharp Bloody Albinos in the world. Thank you for visiting us and make sure you come back regularly to check out our corn snakes page, as well as our sand boas, milk snakes, kingsnakes, western hognoses and rat snakes pages, to see what we have for purchase.

Whether you're just getting started, adding to your collection or are a breeder just like us, Big Squeeze Constrictors is proud to bring to you exceptional quality Kenyan sand boas, corn snakes, nelson's milk snakes, pueblan milk snakes, leucistic rat snakes, California kingsnakes, Mexican black kingsnakes and Western Hognoses.

Big Squeeze Constrictors strives to produce healthy, exceptional quality snakes that are desirable to the most discerning collector or breeder. Customer service is among our highest priorities, just behind caring for our animals, so if there is anything we can do to help you with any of your reptile needs we would be happy to do so in any way we can.