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All animals are guaranteed to be healthy, feeding and properly sexed unless otherwise agreed upon. We encourage you to double check the sex of the animal upon arrival, and to notify us within 24 hours of delivery if it appears to be incorrect or if any other problems are suspected. After 24 hours of the shipment's arrival, we assume no further liabilities.



We accept payments via credit card, personal check and Zelle. All forms of payment must clear our bank a minimum of 24 hours in advance, before arrangements will be made for shipping.   All forms of payment must clear our bank a minimum of  24 hours in advance,  before arrangements will be made for shipping.

Animals may be held with a 25% non-refundable deposit. Payment, in-full, must be received within the agreed upon timeframe of the payment plan. If payment, in-full, is not received by the end of the agreed upon timeframe, the hold will be released, and the animal made available for sale.

All deposits and payments are NON-REFUNDABLE, but may be transferred into credit towards a future purchase. All credits must be applied within 14 days of the original end date of the agreed upon payment period. Full balance must be paid within the 14 days, otherwise credit will be forfeited. (Example: You placed a $125 dollar deposit on an animal but did not complete full payment in the agreed timeframe. This $125 dollar deposit can be credited toward an animal. If this credit is applied to an animal valued at $200 then you must pay the remaining $75 within the 14 days or your initial $125 deposit is completely forfeited, and you will no longer receive credit.)

Payment plans can be arranged for purchases exceeding $500 (excluding shipping). Full, upfront, payment for an animal or group of animals eligible for a payment plan will receive a 5% discount. Multiple animal purchases, if purchased at the same time, are also eligible for a 5% discount. The highest priced animal of the group will be charged at full value, with a 5% discount being applied to every other animal in the group.

Texas sales are subject to 8.25% sales tax.

Tier 1 - $500-$1,500 (30 days)

Tier 2 - $1,501-$3,000 (45 days)

Tier 3 - $3,001-$5,000 (60 days)

Tier 4 - $5,001-$8,000 (75 days)

Tier 5 - $8,001+ (90 days)



All animals will be shipped via SYR FedEx priority overnight to your closest Fedex Ship Center. We ship once per week, alternating between Tuesday and Wednesday. Packages are usually available for pickup by 10:30am but can be later depending on your location. All packages must be picked up the day of arrival or all live arrival and health guarantees are null and void. In the unlikely event an animal arrives expired, you must notify us immediately, and no later than four hours after delivery. We may require the return of the dead animal, at your expense. We will pay for shipment of the replacement of a DOA animal.

Snakes will only be shipped as weather permits. During extremes in temperature, your snake will be properly cared for until weather permits safe shipment.

We ship to all US states, except Hawaii. We also offer international shipping at this time. Please inquire for more information.