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Available 2018 Corn Snakes


"I've bought corns from these guys several times now and their costumer service and quality of animals is insanely good every time! I'll be buying from them again in the future!"

- Krystal M.



We having varying quantites of each morph combination, but just simply have too many to post each and every hatchling. Click HERE to view our photo gallery of some of our 2018 hatchlings. This list will continue to change through November 2018. Please email us at BigSqueezeConstrictors@gmail.com to inquire regarding the availability of the morph that interests you. Pictures can be sent upon your request. Price discounts can be given on purchases of pairs or multiple animals. Shipping is not included in prices (Texas residents, please add 8% sales tax) unless otherwise stated.


2018 Corn Snakes

1.0 Amel het Scaleless Anery ph Motley/Stripe SOLD

0.1 Anery het Palmetto ph Amel SOLD

0.1 Anery het Palmetto Amel Motley SOLD

1.0 Amel Tessera het Scaleless Anery ph Caramel Motley/Stripe SOLD

1.0 Caramel het Scaleless Amel Anery ph Motley/Stripe SOLD

1.0 Caramel Tessera het Amel Motley ph Sunkissed SOLD

0.1 Caramel Tessera ph Scaleless Amel Motley SOLD

0.1 Caramel Tessera Motley ph Scaleless Amel SOLD

1.1 Caramel Tessera Motley ph Sunkissed Snow SOLD

1.1 Charcoal Tessera het Amel ph Diffused SOLD

0.2 Classic het Scaleless SOLD

2.2 Classic het Scaleless Sunkissed $225

1.0 Honey Tessera Motley ph Snow $500

1.0 Okeetee het Palmetto Scaleless ph Amel Anery $500

1.0 Pied Sided Bloodred Tessera ph Ghost $250

1.0 Pied Sided Bloodred Hypo Tessera ph Anery SOLD

1.0 Scaleless Stripe ph Caramel Amel $900

1.0 Scaleless Tessera het Caramel Stripe ph Amel $1,000

0.1 Scaleless Tessera ph Caramel Amel $1,000

0.2 Scaleless Vanishing Stripe het Caramel ph Amel $1,000

0.1 Tessera het Scaleless Amel Anery ph Caramel Motley/Stripe $400

1.4 Tessera het Scaleless Diffused $400


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